Past Events


Last nights show was amazing! Thank you so much for putting it together. – Jared G.

Thanks for such unforgettable and transformational experience. – Jessica

Loved last night. GREAT stuff. These L2L events are wonderful! – Dena

I learned about how different people need different space in relationships. I really appreciate knowledge that makes me feel less alone in my struggles with love and dating. – Erica L.

It was very stimulating and I kept processing it for a while afterward. I am looking forward to practicing these new skills. – Josh

I really liked actually doing the exercises during the workshop. I learned so much! – Anonymous

An amazing experience. More is integrating, after the fact, this morning. The speakers brought forth so many ways to look inside and heal. I really appreciated their insights and the openness of other participants. – Anonymous

Had a wonderful experience last night and was positively overwhelmed with such a great energy provided by the group as a whole. Thank you to everyone for creating such a welcoming space! Met a lot of beautiful souls last night. – Anonymous


List of previous events:

The Path of Forgiveness: Returning to Love with Eileen Barker and Michael Gilbert, LCSW 
Make Love Real: Better Love, Better Sex with Danielle Harel, PhD and Celeste Hirschman, MA
The Art of Seduction and Eliciting Passion with Meriana Dinkova, MFT and Tobin Giblin
Loving Ourselves First with Steve Bearman, PhD
Building Extraordinary Relationships with Gal Szekely, MFT 
What Monogamy and Polyamory Can Learn From Each Other with Marcia Baczynski, Nicolle Zapien, PhD, Julie Barr, MFT, Shachar Erez, MA, MFTi
Uncovering Unconditional Love with John Prendergast, PhD
Strengthening Communication and Building Connection with Kathy Labriola
Sex, Shame and Love with Charlie Glickman, PhD